What Are Alcohol Abuse Rehab Programs?

What Are Alcohol Abuse Rehab Programs?

Alcohol abuse is brought about by many factors. Some of these factors include the social environment of the individual, family history, emotional health, and genetics. Alcohol abuse may also come about in a situation where the individual has a mental disorder.

In this instance, the person tends to use alcohol to self medicate, leading to alcohol abuse. There are various symptoms exhibited by individuals abusing alcohol. For starters, the person has many legal problems as a result of his or her drinking habits. Some of these legal problems include getting arrested for drunken driving or disorderly conduct brought about by drinking.

Secondly, the individual continues drinking although alcohol is causing problems in his or her relationships. The individual uses alcohol in situations where it is physically dangerous. Some of these situations include driving or operating machinery when drunk, and mixing alcohol with other drugs. An alcohol addict continually neglects important responsibilities at work, home, or school. Another sign to look out for is that the individual drinks as a way of relieving stress. Many alcohol abusers live in denial. This denial is exhibited in a number of ways.

The person underestimates how much he or she drinks. Secondly, the individual downplays the negative effects of his or her drinking. The person also constantly complains about how friends and families are exaggerating his or her drinking problem. Fourthly the addict blames his or her drinking-related problems or drinking on others. In such a scenario, the person may join an alcohol abuse rehab program. There are different types of alcohol abuse rehab programs. It is prudent for the person to identify a suitable alcohol abuse rehab program to ensure successful recovery.

Alcohol abuse rehab programs entail detoxification. In many alcohol abuse treatment programs, detoxification is the first stage of treatment. In detoxification, toxins are flushed from the individual’s body through various ways. Many individuals quit at this stage of treatment due to the fact that they cannot put up with unpleasant effects of withdrawal.

To this end, a good alcohol abuse rehab program must be able to handle these unpleasant effects. These effects may clear after some time. In other scenarios, drugs are used to ease the effects of these symptoms. A good alcohol abuse treatment program should have various therapies which address needs of individuals.

Some of these therapies include cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, individualized counseling therapy, and pharmacotherapy among others. These treatment therapies are offered in short and long-term residential treatment programs. Many alcohol abuse rehab programs have aftercare services. Aftercare services are instrumental in preventing relapses.

It is worth noting that an effective alcohol abuse rehab program focuses on all aspects of the individual’s needs. Many alcohol abusers have concurring mental disorders. This situation is commonly referred to as dual diagnosis or concurrent disorders. Consequently, it is imperative for the individual to seek treatment in a rehab center where he or she will receive simultaneous alcohol abuse and mental disorder treatment.

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